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Finally we have a name to this beautiful fan base.

We are One - EXO-L

maknae and his ticklish baekhyun hyung

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Wu Yi Fan just doing his thing. Hope him the best though. 


<3 F&A


Only a few of Suho and Chanyeol’s cards are left. The others are empty but Baekhyun’s cards are barely touched.


Korean fans are the scariest. 

Anonymous asked: Hi I just saw some post about baek hitting sehun do you have pictures of that or is it just a rumour?


I don’t know what is being said about it but here you go.


image image  


huh ?


140123 Seoul Music Awards | Baekhyun pointed at Taeyeon at Luhan’s “only you~” part - Tiffany smiled at Tae, Yoona mentioned it to Taeyeon and   Sunny asked, “is it you?” Taeyeon said “no~” and smiled.


K-fans are still very inflamed and unhappy. 
They are assuming that is a hickey mark done by Taeyeon. lol

For those who don’t understand the stance of K-Netizens regarding the current dating situation, it’s because of what baekhyun promised his fans during an interview. 


Baekhyun: “I want to keep a promise with Exo Members. Even if we end up getting personal time to spend, we should only be allowed to meet our close friends or workout. I don’t think we have reached that period of our careers where we have the leisure to do the things (dating etc) we want, just yet. I think that time will come when we reach at least…..thirty-five? I hope we all remember and continue to thrive to become the person we aspired to become ever since our debut days. And aim to reach our goals as always, that way we as EXO can continue strong.”


Guys, I’ll update you all on Korean Netizen’s position in the current Baek/Tae’s dating scandal. 

So people have been digging up Baekhyun’s past as well. The photo you see above is the screenshot of Baekhyun’s old cyworld (Korean Facebook) back in 2008. 

Translation: <Underline Lined>

- “Suzy (Miss A) uses padded push up bras f*ck”
- “Narsha’s (Brown Eyed Girls) armpit hair is really curly”
- “Taeyeon wears clothes to make her breast look big, but it’s actually         really flat.”
- “Taeyeon is ugly —”
- “Look at Park Bom’s (2ne1) snout — So ugly”


Clearly, the K-netizens are really not happy about this. 

I have nothing against Baekhyun and the scandal, but I just wanted to update my followers. 

They’re Smooching!

@.@ lololol

Such ‘secrecy’.

I wonder what they did in there. 

What do you guys think?