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Much needed. 

Please pray for South Korea. <3

Hey guys~ It’s been ages. 


They like to put fingers inside holes. *Smerk* 

Mr Rich Guy (Part 2)

He has a bundle of 50,000(approx. $50) notes in his wallet..and a Cartier Bracelet. 

So apparently lil Mr.Handsome here went to his dad’s cafe to help him out a little, yesterday…

Mr Rich guy? 

Guys, what the heck is 2160*2k quality??

I just wanted to see a fancam.lols


Anonymous asked: I feel so happy finding a Korean. Omo *Jumps out the window out of happiness* - I survived.

Well hey theree:) 

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EXO tracklist for repackaged album {rumored}

I like it so far


did she really just bring her macbook pro

She just took hardcore to a new level..

Just take a look at that phone case. 


Anonymous asked: I live in NZ :) What part of NZ where you living in?

I moved to Auckland when I was 5, and then moved to Jakarta, Indonesia, when I turned 12 :) Now I live in Korea, my home country. 

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Anonymous asked: Is chanyeol's popularity in korea even high? How about exo as a whole? They've won so much this year but i don't think awards actually equate to public recognition..?

Exo as a whole is so trending, I can’t even begin to explain the height of EXO’s success and popularity in Korea right now. But because Chanyeol is a huge part of EXO, I’ll try to explain his popularity in the essense of Exo ”as a whole”.

First, not only do they dominate the music charts but completely swift clean the album sales as well,



Second, the number of endorsement deals signed accurately shows their success in the marketing business. In South Korea, the number of the artist’s CF deals reflects their success with the public.


Third, one little mention of EXO and it booms straight to no.1 in Korean social trending web searches.

image     image

Fourthly, they’re all doing so great individually, 

  • D.O is filming a movie
  • Chanyeol was part of, “The Law of the Jungle”
  • Suho cameo appearance on ‘The Prime Minister and I’ 
  • Heavy schedule regardless of their promotional schedule
  • Countless radio appearances despite the promotion endings

Lastly, the fanbase is utterly amazing.  


We Exotics might be one of the craziest and hardest to tame, but when it comes to showing and sharing our love, we proudly succeed for the fame of EXO. 



Oh yeah, they also won the daesang today lols hehe (5th one of 2013) Classy as shit mann…

laughandcrywithexo asked: Lol I'm so sorry to ask you this since you're the only Korean in sight, and you seem approachable. I assumed that you've already had a taste of Kimchi Spaghetti. Please tell me what does it taste like, haha I don't like Kimchi, I'm just you know ... very curious. Pmsl. I'm so sorry for the stupid question. Lol Thanks dear :)

Hey there :)
omg first, lemme tell you that kimchi is the best tasting thing alive, once you get hooked, there is literally no going back. Anyhow, the taste of kimchi is kinda unique with a tang of sour and spice. But it’s really important that you taste the good ones. 
As for the kimchi spaghetti, it’s basically the sauce you get out of kimchi and olive oil, much like kimchi fried rice. So if you aren’t a fan of kimchi, well then…. :/

But do try it, go to a Korean store and get hold of some really nice kimchi first though ;) Click here for Recipe

And please feel free to ask me more of these questions! ~

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