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The story behind Sehun’s love for his clutch. 

Apparently he was gripping on to it like a baby because his manager realized there was something on his shirt. 

† RiSe Kwon (권리세): 1991 - 2014

RiSe passed away at 10:10 AM (KST) on the 7th of September 2014. 

Rest in Peace. 

Such a beautiful song.

It’s such a shame that it only received the attention and light it needed, when the members aren’t in the position to fully appreciate it.

Please listen, it perfectly concludes this devastating situation.

Bless her poor soul. 

I wasn’t the biggest fan of ladies code, but I always enjoyed their single releases. It really breaks my heart, and I can’t even imagine how badly it would hurt for those who really love her very much. I want to pray for her and my deepest condolences goes to those who really need it.

This is seriously the biggest news to hit this K-pop community. It really saddens me.
Please fully recover, Rise, Sojung, Ashley and Zuny. 


Hi ya’ll

Hey guys!

Finally we have a name to this beautiful fan base.

We are One - EXO-L

maknae and his ticklish baekhyun hyung

Nwah :3

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Wu Yi Fan just doing his thing. Hope him the best though. 


<3 F&A


Only a few of Suho and Chanyeol’s cards are left. The others are empty but Baekhyun’s cards are barely touched.


Korean fans are the scariest. 

Anonymous asked: Hi I just saw some post about baek hitting sehun do you have pictures of that or is it just a rumour?


I don’t know what is being said about it but here you go.


image image  


huh ?


140123 Seoul Music Awards | Baekhyun pointed at Taeyeon at Luhan’s “only you~” part - Tiffany smiled at Tae, Yoona mentioned it to Taeyeon and   Sunny asked, “is it you?” Taeyeon said “no~” and smiled.


K-fans are still very inflamed and unhappy. 
They are assuming that is a hickey mark done by Taeyeon. lol